botanicalAveda, so often celebrated for the haircare expertise, has an outstanding range of skincare products that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The selection is growing too, and the longstanding Botanical Kinetics range has recently been boosted with the launch of three new products: an Intense Hydrating Soft Crème (£40 for 50ml), an Intense Hydrating Rich Crème (£40 for 50ml) and an Energising Eye Crème (£35 for 15ml). Botanical Kinetics is naturally-derived and harnesses the vital energy of plants to support skin’s own regeneration.
The science behind the new products is compelling. They work to support and stimulate skin’s own aquaporins, the channels that transport water from cell to cell and that are responsible for keeping our skin hydrated. The eye cream also contains liquorice root, which is a tried and trusted ingredient that helps alleviate dark bags.
The Soft Crème (the one I have first-hand experience of using) is lightweight, easily absorbed and smells just likes the inside of an Aveda store – a fragrance officially known as ‘pure-fume’.
The products are joined in store by an extension of the Beautifying family into body products with a gentle oil-based body cleanser (£22 for 200ml) and a rich crème moisturiser (£22 for 200ml). Both are fragranced with Aveda’s equally popular, and all-natural Beautifying Composition; a mix of rosemary, lavender and bergamot. More great reasons to pop into our local Aveda store.